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Minimum Requirements

1. A Registered Business
Close Corporation (CC) or Pty (Ltd) Business

2. An Annual Turnover of
R 10 million or more

3. Fill out the below Request a Quote Form

  • If your Annual Turnover is below R10 mil, please click HERE

  • If your annual turnover is between R 10 million and R 50 million you are defined as a Qualifying Small Enterprise(QSE). If your annual turnover exceeds R 50 million you are defined as a Generic Enterprise(GE).

How do I apply for a BEE Rating?

The South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) governs BEE verification on behalf of the DTI and prescribes the following process:
  • Receive application for quotation from client. Send quotation, application form and standard terms and conditions to client.
  • Receive signed application, standard terms and condition contract and full upfront payment from client.
  • Review the application and approve if no conflict of interest exist.
  • Plan the process in conjunction with the client.
  • Brief the client in terms of what evidence is required for rating / verification.
  • Allow the client reasonable time to collect evidence.
  • Verification analysts finalise the BEE scorecard and report and prepare the evidence file to be submitted to the BEE Manager for approval.
  • BEE Manager scrutinizes the evidence file and approves BEE status if compliant with SANAS requirements.
  • BEE Manager issues the BEE certificate to client and DTI.
  • Client appeals if need exists.
  • Periodic independent audit is conducted to verify the process as compliant in terms of SANAS requirements and the BEE Codes of Good Practice.


The Process

If your annual turnover is between R 10 million and R 50 million you are defined as a Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE).
Please note that a distinction is made between black owned and white owned Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE).
If your annual turnover exceeds R 50 million you are defined as a Generic Enterprise (GEN)
Please note due to the specialised field and the specialised consultation we will be giving to you we charge a consultation fee up front.
The prices for white owned QSE’s is R 2500 excluding travel.
There is no consultation fee for black owned QSE’s as there is a standard verification cost of R 8 500
The prices for Generic Enterprise (GE) R 5000 excluding travel.
To negate the travel costs a Skype/conference call can also be arranged, this would only be applicable for the initial consultation.
Please find attached the application form for White owned QSE’s and Generic Enterprises as well as the application form for Black owned QSE’s.
Please send proof of payment and your application form to
Marc Derfoldy will then be in contact to arrange the consultation and discuss the way forward with regards to your BEE Accreditation and Certification.

Rating Benefits


  • BEE Ratings can be used for the following purposes:

    • Increased procurement opportunities by entities wishing to enhance their own broad based BEE status through preferential procurement
    • Government licensing eligibility or licensing renewal process Financing decisions, where empowerment is a key criterion for sourcing the fund, e.g. BEE Funds
    • Independent, reliable proof of contributions made towards economic empowerment


  • WHAT DO I GET? – Rating Outcome

    Once you have gone through the rating process, you will be awarded a rating report with a rating certificate. The overall rating score is equivalent to a rating status ,i.e. BBB, which in turn, is equivalent to a level contribution status, as per the guidelines in the Codes of Good Practice.

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