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Richard Harrington

About Richard

  Trusted Life Coach
  Authority on Share Investments

Richard Harrington is an investment analyst by trade and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, received from Stellenbosch University. Specialising in Investments and Economics. He has also won the ‘Top Investment Advisor’ award for 2011 in Winelands Western Cape, South Africa.

Although investments is one of his passions. his true passion is personal growth and development. This lead Richard Harrington to gain his Life Coaching Certification through the American Union of NLP (AUNLP®).

Richard’s life purpose is to inspire others to expand in love and to reach their full potential so that they can live a purpose full life. His unique approach of focusing on the WHOLE development of the individual as opposed to only a ‘slice’ has caused him to become one of the most respected coaches, in both the life coaching and wealth coaching industry.

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3 Most Important Questions to ask yourself to

Life Coaching

You don’t have to live life on auto-pilot, you can live ON PURPOSE and experience a richer, happier and fulfilled life!

Wealth Coaching

There are five key areas where you can grow in life; Spiritual growth, Intellectual growth, physical health growth, Relational growth and Financial growth. In order to live life at your full potential you need to be aware of all five areas and constantly ask yourself, how can I be better in these areas than I was yesterday?

Giving Back

Have you ever asked yourself what impact will my life have on people and this beautiful planet after I’m gone?
This question refers to legacy and significance, in what way did I leave this planet better than I found it?

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