TRADEMARK REGISTRATIONS – 1st Phase: Special Search


Do you need help to secure your brand, logo or product/business name with a Trademark Registration?


Whether you are based in South Africa or another country, our Law Department can help you with the Trademark Registration for your Name, Slogan, Logo, Shape, Three-dimensional Mark, Colour, Hologram, Multimedia, Position, Gesture, Smell or Scent, Sound or Tunes, Taste or Texture. A Trademark is designed to protect your intellectual property, products and designs and prevent these from being exploited through plagiarism and potentially harmed through misuse. A Trademark also serves to distinguish your goods or services from competitors in your market. The most important part of any Trademark application is the specification of goods or services. In terms of Section 11(1) of the Trademark Act (South African Trademarks Act No. 194 of 1993), a Trademark must be registered in respect of goods or services falling into a particular class. All goods and services fall into one of 45 classes. These classes are subdivided in thirty-four (34) classes for goods; and eleven (11) for services. We will assist you to ensure you choose the correct class(es) to ensure protection you need.

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