Need to provide proof that your tax affairs are in order? Get a Tax Clearance Certificate quickly and easily with us…
If you are looking to bid on tenders or offer any regular services or products to clients, you may need a Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) in order to do business. A Tax Clearance Certificate will also reflect your position of good standing regarding tax, when it comes to any foreign investment that you may be eligible to pursue, or if you are looking to extend your service and products by doing business overseas.


Will your business exceed a R 1 million turnover in the next 12 months? You need to register for VAT with SARS!
Any business that is likely to exceed a turnover of R 1 million in a period of 12 months, is obligated to register for VAT with SARS within 21-days from the date that the business exceeds the R 1 million mark. But perhaps you’re not necessarily going to achieve that figure? You may still wish to register for VAT if your clients require or prefer this from you. In both cases, we can help you with your VAT Registration, and any accounting or tax advice that you need to help you make the best decision for your business.


Are you planning to import goods or export your products overseas? You may need an Import and Export License to do business!
If your business is planning on importing or exporting any products for either commercial or personal reasons either three times or more, or with a value that exceeds R 50,000 in one calendar year, then you will need to register with SARS for an Import and Export License.


Not sure who to appoint to manage your bookkeeping and accounting needs? We offer a full accounting service for your business...
Finding the right accounting service for your business can be hard. You need an accounting service that covers everything from bookkeeping to reliable and accurate SARS submissions. Our accounting service provides everything that you need in one place at one affordable, fixed monthly fee.


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